hamwijk investments B.V.



  Hamwijk Investments B.V. is a business trading group that accommodates experts and specialists in the fields of management, sales, purchasing and trading, thus creating measurable commercial benefits for vendors, distributors, resellers and corporate accounts. We operate both independently as well as in groups; always teaming with the contractor; always keeping the business goals in perspective.  
  Today's business is more challenging than ever: hyper-competition, low margins and business results stand under pressure. Managers find it hard to motivate and sales teams are confronted time and time again with losing deals to the competition. (also known as the "we lost because of internal politics" deals....)  

  Our executives have many years of experience in developing and managing businesses. They are result-focused and have a dedication to help define specific market opportunities, business drivers and measurable results.  
    The consultancy is based upon two key components: strategy and psychology. People (and organizations) need the right beliefs, focus, language and physiology to achieve lasting results. The appropriate strategy helps them not only to strengthen themselves, it helps them to win in times of trouble!  

"The ultimate measure of man
is not where he stands in moments of comfort
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"

Martin Luther King Jr.